Bed for Extra Large Dogs by Casper

A few months ago I decided to bring home a dog for my daughter for her birthday.

She was very happy when she saw a small Dalmatian who was always friendly, playful and also protective of our family.

So I realized we needed to create a warm and comfy environment for Oscar (that’s how we named the dog).

I started looking up different stuff about the attributes of a good environment for dogs.

The thing that first came up on my mind was to make for Oscar his own sleeping place which would help him relax and create for him some kind of “his place”.

What I found on the internet which made me very interested was dog mattresses so we decided to try that for our dog too!

I have to say it was not easy finding that mattress for Oscar as there were many different online shops which sold them, so I started searching on Amazon.

So, I dug up a lot of different options from several brands, but I decided to stay with a company called Casper.

There are two reasons why I chose to try Casper: first – we bought from them a couple of bed mattresses and accessories and liked it quite a lot; second – their dog mattresses looked quite different to what I saw from other companies.

I also saw that Casper’s best beds for dogs have both a distinct design (they look pretty smart and hi-tech) and also they have large sizes which perfectly will fit my grown Dalmatian!

Also, what I liked about them was foam bolsters for dog heads and excess material which means that I do not need to buy another bed after Oscar rips it because its made for scratching!

So, specifically for me, I made a decision that Casper’s dog bed would perfectly fit my dog and what I want for Oscar.

Although, all dogs are different and I can not say that Casper’s dogs would satisfy everyone, but at least I have to say that Casper’s best beds for dogs do give your dog comfortable environment and Oscar seems to like Casper’s bed!

P.S. Large size bed I bought for Oscar:

 Casper’s bed for extra large dogs

And they have the same one but with medium size which fits most of the small and medium dogs:

 Casper’s bed for extra large dogs

Have a look at them and see if your dog may like them too!

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