Top 5 Extra Large Outdoor Dog Beds For Your Lovely Pet

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Many of us have gone through a lot of damage and ripped sofas, and the guilty one was always this little guy with a sad cute face sitting in the corner of the room – our dog.

Some of the dog keepers are lucky if they have space outdoors so the dog does not always stay inside which is good not only for the dog but also for us (and our sofas!).

But probably also many of us, including me, have always been interested in how we can keep our dogs happy and comfortable.

I have a dog, his name is Jack, and a house with an outdoor spacing where Jack did not use to spend a lot of time (he was pretty lazy) because he loved his dog bed and his toys which were inside the house.

But then I was really concerned that Jack did not like spending time outside which would be so much better for him and my sofas, chairs, and carpets.

So I decided to pick up the thing he likes the most – his huge dog bed.

After that, I asked myself – why not finding or making a bed for him which I would leave outside in the yard? Would he at least consider going outside?

So I started searching for some options and I was looking for big outdoor dog beds (because Jack is a pretty big boy).

In this article, I took the best extra large outdoor dog beds for you to consider and see good and bad sides of them and if this article helps you, you will find something amazing to put outdoors for your big dog too!

1. Extra-large outdoor dog bed by Gen7pets

  • Pros: Has very large sizes which would definitely fit even a giant dog (like Jack). It can fit a dog up to 90 lbs or 40 kg, dimensions are 36 wide X 22 deep X 8 high (Inches)
  • Cons: Some owners complain that those tend to rip and do not survive very long

Extra large outdoor dog bed by Gen7pets

2. Large dog bed by Lightspeed Outdoors

  • Pros: Can be washed, puncture and water-resistant so you don’t
    need to fear rain, or if your buddy fancies lying on it after a dirty walk or if he scratches everything all the time
  • Cons: Do not see any problem with this one as I bought it for Jack by myself and both of us are very happy!

Large dog bed by Lightspeed Outdoors

3. Dog bed by K&H Pet Products

  • Pros: Very easy to assemble even if DIY is not your thing + not expensive!
  • Cons: Although it looks like it can carry more than one
    dog, I do not suggest having there a big dog with
    another pet as it may rip apart, some owners
    reported that this extra-large outdoor dog bed
    sometimes does not hold a lot of weight

Dog bed by K&H Pet Products

4. Kuranda Dog Bed

  • Pros: A lot of pet owners think it is the best bed for
    large dogs as it can hold up 160 lbs and has a
    pretty large size
  • Cons: It is claimed it’s made for chewing, but
    some dog owners complained that the bed
    did not survive long after those who love to chew
    and scratch

Kuranda Dog Bed

5. Dog Bed by Comforhome

  • Pros: Very easy to care for and pretty cheap!
  • Cons: The material is very thin and some pet owners complain that it is just a mat which will not be able to survive for a long time

Dog Bed by Comforhome

But finally, if you are a person who is about DIY, watch this YouTube video to make an extra-large outdoor dog bed yourself!

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