How To Avoid and Solve Dogs Conflict when Walking with Your Dog

Safety is the very first thing you should think about before going for a walk with your dog. Your lovely pet can suddenly become dangerous and aggressive or can be attacked by other dogs. To avoid dog conflicts on the street, we suggest you pay attention to several points.

Form the positive behavior

Before taking the dog for a walk to a crowded place, teach it how to obey.

Your dog must react immediately at your commands.

Do not forget to always praise your dog for good behavior, and your furry friend will do its best to meet your expectations.

Most of the problems come from the fact that the owner punishes his dog too much without paying enough attention to positive behavior.

Be attentive

Sometimes dogs start fighting, and you can easily prevent this situation. To do that, you should study your dog’s body language.

If the dog is wagging its tail and its body is relaxed, the dog is just playing.

But if the tail is lowered and the body is tense, the dog is preparing to fight.

What you should and shouldn’t do when your dog starts fighting

First of all, try not to become a victim of dog fights.

Never pull the dogs apart!

While fighting the dogs are at the peak of their activity, so they will attack everything in their radius. Never try to pull your dog by the tail, because you can hurt its tailbone or be attacked.

What you can do?

You should divert dogs’ attention from the fight: carefully step on the paws of fighting dogs, make some loud noise or spray some water on dogs.

How to separate fighting dogs

Then try to separate dogs, but not with your hands. Use a long stick, a piece of cardboard, or anything that can become a barrier.

If you have a scarf, jacket, or some piece of fabric with you, you can throw it on the dogs’ eyes. Some dogs stop fighting when they don’t see their enemy.

The leash wrapped around the dog’s hind legs can also help. Just slowly and gently pull the leash towards you.

After the fight

Dogs shouldn’t see each other!

As quickly as possible get them out of sight. If your dog remains aggressive after the fight, stay calm and do not look at your dog’s eyes.

Keep your dog on the leash and do not try to check it for damages right away, your dog is still too excited and may accidentally bite.

Now you know what to do if your dog will start fighting, although we hope you will never use these instructions.

We strongly recommend you to pay more attention to form your dog’s positive behavior. It’s much more effective, safe and enjoyable.

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