Top 5 most aggressive dog breeds

People like to classify their four-legged friends: the fluffiest, the biggest, the friendliest…

But one of the controversial classifications is the top of the most aggressive dog breeds.

For example, some small pets are very angry with people, but they are not perceived as a serious threat. And the well-known Pit Bull can be a caring babysitter for the baby, but it is almost always included in such lists.

Or one more example – hunting breeds are aggressive, but only with wild animals.

Our top 5 includes dogs of medium and large size, with an innate distrust of strangers and increased territoriality.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman was bred to get a strong build dog with excellent guard skills.

Usually, Doberman attacks if he feels a real threat to his family. It is famous for its great endurance and is capable to develop great speed while running.

Doberman Pinscher is an energetic, vigilant, resolute, incredulous, fearless, loyal and at the same time obedient guard.

But Dobermans can be aggressive to other dogs or strangers, so you should watch them carefully.

Chow Chow

Representatives of this breed evolved from the wolf among the first.

They are independent, arrogant and have a well-developed innate distrust of others.

Chow Chow isn’t a dog you can trust, especially when it comes to children and strangers: they are very irritable.

Besides, they are naturally good defenders and will not allow anyone to approach their owners or their territory.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Staffordshire Terriers are the result of the interbreeding of Bulldogs and Terriers. Earlier they actively participated in dog fights.

They initially show aggression only to other dogs.

Today American Staffordshire Terrier is a great guard and companion, loyal and helpful. But it remains physically strong, so, improperly trained, it can be very dangerous.

German Shepherd

They have a well-developed majority of defensive skills – vigilance, quick reactions, strong grip, territoriality.

The dog becomes not only a pet but a friend who can part with its life to protect the owner from danger.

Pit Bull Terrier

The Pit Bull was bred to fight and win.

Even if a particular dog is very friendly, you cannot exclude that it can start fighting and cripple or even kill another dog.

Fighting is the main thing for the Pit Bull, it is in its blood.


Aggressive dog breeds – is a relative concept.

This category includes a Dachshund – who bites more often than others, a Chihuahua – who meets strangers with a grin, or Jack Russell Terrier – who doesn’t tolerate rudeness.

However, no matter how malicious these “babies” are, they are unable to seriously harm another dog or human. That’s why the larger representatives are included in the rating, although they are more obedient.

But remember, any dog, regardless of size, needs training, proper education and good nutrition. Otherwise, even the kindest dog will become embittered, mistrustful and aggressive.

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