How to choose the best name for your dog

Choosing the best name for your new little friend

Everyone understands the importance of a name for a person, but for a dog, it is important too!

You brought your puppy home, and now an important question arises, what name to choose for your furry friend? It’s better to choose the name as soon as possible.

A quick choice of a name for a dog allows you to form a strong relationship with your dog, talk to your four-legged friend during training, and teach it to respond to your commands immediately. That is why it is so important to choose a dog’s name right away!

Sometimes the owner knows in advance what name to give to his new pet. But usually, this is a long and challenging process – to choose the right name for a dog, all family members will be satisfied with.

For your convenience, please find below several recommendations you might find useful when choosing the perfect name for your lovely pet.

The name should be short and simple.

You will spend many years with your pet, you will often contact it, call it, it will become your best friend. You will have to call the dog’s name very often and in different situations.

Try to pick a name consisting of one or two, max three syllables.

According to experts, it is very convenient for the dog to understand and get used to the short, yet harmonious name.

It is better to choose a name starting with a consonant.

According to all the same experts, consonant syllables are better perceived by dogs. So, consider this fact if you want your dog to react immediately when you call.

Choose a unique name.

Try to avoid names, similar or conformable with someone’s name from your surroundings. It is better to choose something unique. This will avoid confusion, for example, while walking on the street, when other owners will call the namesake dogs.

Choosing a name for a dog is a task for all family members.

Choosing a pet’s name should be done by the whole family, not by one person. This process allows you to get closer, it also creates good relationships between all family members, including your dog.

Besides, if one of your family members doesn’t like the dog’s name, it can lead to some negative attitude towards the pet, so the choice of the name is a common challenge for the whole family.

Use opposites.

If the dog is timid and shy, give it a “brave” name. And for an aggressive puppy, it’s better to choose something gentle and calming. It will help to correct your dog’s behavior.

Once you made a choice, you have to make your dog get used to its name and react when you call.

If you want your dog to love its name, you should use it only for something pleasant: to call for a walk, to give a treat, to pet, etc. And your dog will start responding to it very soon.

Do not call your dog by name when punishing it for something.

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