Top 7 most popular dog breeds

There is a huge variety of dog breeds, and all of them have different appearance, character, and purpose.

But what are the most popular dog breeds in the world? For every owner, his pet is the most beloved, regardless of the breed.

However, some dog breeds that are more popular with many people over the world.

1. Labrador retriever.

Labradors were bred in Newfoundland in the last third of the XIX century. It is a large and strong dog, full of energy. Earlier people used them as guides, rescuers and labor. Labradors are family dogs; they are very friendly and just love kids.

2. German Shepherd.

This is a great service dog because they are good companions and can be well trained. Her ancestors were herding dogs, so the German Shepherd is usually very attached to the owner.

With good training, they are calm and obedient, this is a good choice even for inexperienced dog owners.

3. Siberian Huskie.

These northern sled dogs are very beautiful, not aggressive to people and even can get used to living in the apartment. However, they require a lot of time and care.

This breed has been developing for centuries as a worker, and in the megalopolis, they don’t know what to do with excessive energy. She needs to spend a lot of time walking and exercising, training, playing with a ball or a frisbee.

4. English Bulldog.

English Bulldog is considered as the embodiment of the features of the “real gentleman.”

Bulldogs don’t like long walks and don’t need them, preferring to spend time at home. If you are a bulldog’s owner, you don’t have to distract your dog and play with it. But you should monitor its nutrition and not overfeed the dog.

Also, centuries of breeding have led to the fact that these dogs depend on their owners more than others – they cannot even scratch themselves because of their short legs and need a regular massage.

5. Dachshund.

Bred as a hunting burrow dog, the German dachshund became short-legged in the process of artificial selection and became prone to certain diseases.

Regular and balanced training is the most important thing you should take care of, being the owner of the Dachshund.

If you train a Dachshund too hard, she might have health issues with the spine; and if your training isn’t intensive enough the dog might suffer from obesity.

6. Pomeranian Spitz.

Pomeranian Spitz – small cute dogs, sociable and playful, they love outdoor games and walks. If you have kids, they will best friends!

You should take care of its fluffy fur, wash, comb and cut it regularly. Pomeranian Spitz is so sweet and cute but can be very stubborn, so its training shouldn’t be neglected.

7. Beagle.

This breed was formed by the XVIII century in the north of England. Today people like Beagles mainly because of their small size and cheerful, affectionate nature.

The innate instinct of the explorer creates difficulties for their owners: beagles like to run away in search of adventure. Bigley has a playful, friendly character, it will feel good in a big family, especially with kids.

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