7 Interesting facts about dogs

Cute dogs

Dogs have been living with people for about 10 thousand years being faithful helpers, best friends, and family members.

But do you know your pets well enough?

Let’s check and take a look at 7 surprising and interesting facts about dogs we found for you. It’s going to be fun!

⦁ Dogs don’t feel guilty

Many owners notice an expression that they consider to be their dog’s “guilty look”. But don’t be fooled by your dog’s plaintive gaze.

The scientists have shown that in reality, it is a reaction to the owner’s body language. Guilt is a rather complex human emotion, that dogs can’t feel.

The dog simply worries that it will be punished. And maybe the dog doesn’t understand what it did wrong.

⦁ There are 400 dog breeds in the world. You have a choice if you think about having a new dog!

Today, about four hundred breeds are officially recognized. The exact number does not make sense to indicate since several new breeds appear annually and the figure quickly becomes irrelevant.

⦁ A dog’s nose imprint is as unique as a human’s fingerprint

There are no dogs with the same imprint of the nose. A dog’s nose is unique, like a human’s fingerprint!

If you take a good look at the nose of your furry friend, you will see a lot of different lines and patterns that are surprisingly similar to our fingerprints.

The Canadian Kennel Club has been taking prints as proof of identity since 1938! (That’s cool!)

⦁ Dogs can distinguish human emotions by voice

Researches have shown that dogs can recognize emotions by a person’s face and voice, and they can distinguish when a person’s facial expression and a person’s emotional speech do not match.

Dogs can sense our emotions! By smell pets determine fear and pain, also, they can detect diseases. And of course, your dog will be the first who will find out that you are going to have a baby.

⦁ Basenji – the dog from central Africa that doesn’t bark

The peculiarity of this breed is the absence of barking. It is also considered that Basenji doesn’t cause allergies and they do not smell, even when their fur gets wet.

The basenji barely barks, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely silent. They mutter, groan, snort, growl, sometimes bark, but not often.

⦁ Dogs are sweating

But while humans sweat through the skin over the entire surface of the body, the dogs sweat through the paws.

You can verify this by watching the dog on a hot summer day. A salient smell, resembling the smell of popcorn or corn chips, will be a characteristic sign.

⦁ Want to be healthy and fit? Get a dog!

Dog owners are 66% more active than other people. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

It’s not fully clear: whether dogs motivate owners to be physically active, or that only active people are more likely to have a dog.

However, we can’t ignore the dogs’ positive impact on their owners’ health.

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