Top 5 hypoallergenic dog breeds

Today, allergy is becoming a very serious problem, more and more people complain of allergies.

But is it possible for allergic people to get a pet? Are there any dog breeds that are safe for allergic people?

It is important to understand that it is impossible to find absolutely hypoallergenic dog breeds safe for everybody. They don’t exist.

Besides, the same dog breed may or may not cause allergies in different people. Lack of wool does not guarantee hypo allergenicity.

The first thing that people who are allergic to dogs need to know: it’s not the fur that provokes the reaction. The special protein that is found in saliva, urine, and dandruff is dangerous.

Therefore, the presence or absence of fur doesn’t directly cause allergies. Three points you should pay attention before getting a hypoallergenic dog:

1. Shedding

At this time hair falls out actively, the skin flakes off more intensely, dandruff occurs. The less a dog is prone to shedding, the better.

2. Salivation

Allergen may be present in saliva.

3. Size

Pay attention to the size of the pet. The larger the dog is, the more allergens it emits. However, several breeds are recognized by breeders and professionals as less allergenic.

There is the list of 5 most popular hypoallergenic dog breeds:

1. Chinese Crested dog has almost no hair, but her skin needs regular care to avoid peeling and dandruff. These dogs are very friendly with kids and other pets. They are very devoted to their family, need constant contact with the owner and suffer when staying alone.

2. Poodle has curly fur and no undercoat. You can choose a poodle of any size and color. Regular haircuts are required for these dogs.

They have a friendly character, are very cute and obedient; you can easily teach them all sorts of funny tricks.

3. Yorkshire Terrier is a dog that doesn’t shed at all and doesn’t have dandruff. They are so beautiful with their shiny, silky and soft hair.

They are very inquisitive active dogs, intelligent and independent, like all Yorkies.

4. Shih Tzu is a dog with gorgeous hair and stylish appearance you should take care of. Smart and very gentle, Shih Tzu is a popular domestic dog.

These dogs are strongly attached to their owners and pay more attention to people than to other dogs.

5. Giant Schnauzers can shed, but not too much. Giant Schnauzers are intelligent, easy to train; they have good health and natural resistance to diseases.

Before getting a dog, you should remember that a puppy isn’t a toy. And it experiences enormous stress when it enters a new family.

If it later turns out that someone in your family is allergic, and you cannot keep the dog at home, this will result in even more stress for the animal, which can lead to various diseases and behavior disorders.

As an owner, you are responsible. So, make sure you and your family are ready to have a dog.

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