Bringing your first dog at home

Meeting with a new cute friend

Are you and your home ready to meet your new family member?

Congratulations! Very soon you are going to find the best friend! A new dog in the house is an important and very exciting moment for you and your family.

You should be well prepared!

As soon as your new puppy (or adult dog) appears in your home, you will immediately forget about everything that you planned to do.

Therefore, try to prepare for this day in advance, before bringing a four-legged friend home.

There are a few things that you need to take serious care of before your new pet arrives so that during the first days of your stay in your home you can spend all the time with your new dog and don’t worry about anything.

Before bringing your new dog at home

Take pre-care

First of all, find a good veterinary clinic located in your area, register there and choose a doctor.

It is better to do it as soon as possible to quickly receive medical care (vaccinations, sterilization, etc.).

And, in case of an emergency, you know where to go!

For all dogs, it is important to constantly communicate with other dogs and people to form the right behavior patterns.

A veterinarian can tell you about the principles of training, and you can teach your dog yourself.

Training is great entertainment, that helps to become close friends with your pet.

But only those training models that are based on praise and encouragement should be used.

Never punish your dog or use violent training methods.

Creating a safe space

Found a safe place

Then you should make your home comfortable and safe for a dog.

Follow these simple tips and you will help your new family member to feel comfortable and calm from the very first day:

  • Arrange a special place for sleeping, eating and drinking water. Do not forget to put an additional bowl for drinking on the street, if you live in a private house.
  • Make sure that you removed all chemicals that are potentially toxic to the dog. Some of them, for example, all household chemicals, are very toxic. However, some products that are safe for people are toxic to dogs: chocolate, raisins, onions, garlic and home plants (oleander, lilies, poinsettia, philodendron, hydrangea, hyacinth, daffodil and tulip).
  • Make sure that all your family members are not allergic to dogs. It is stressful for a dog to change its family and environment, and for sure, you don’t want to stress it twice.

Few things you should buy for a new family member

Some dogs like flowers

The funniest part of the preparation process.

  • At least two bowls: one for food, one for water. It is best to buy ceramic or stainless steel – they are easier to clean.
  • Nylon or leather leash. To teach your dog to calmly walk on a leash and not pull it with all its might, it may well be necessary to purchase a soft muzzle.
  • Accessories for grooming, shampoo, toothbrush.
  • Fun and safe toys for dogs, including those that stimulate physical activity.
  • Lounger. The stores have a huge selection of cribs for dogs, so you have an opportunity to choose the one that fits your pet’s size perfectly and also matches his temperament (for example, some beds are easier to tear than others). Whatever type of crib you choose, install it in a quiet and peaceful place in your home. You can find on our site a lot of useful information about beds for dogs of any size (plus you can find the best dog beds from Amazon we chose for you based on customer reviews).
  • Home cage from a grid or box. Puppies like all kinds of baskets and boxes, which they can turn into their impregnable castle. If you cover the box with a blanket and put a bed in it, this building will become a real den for your pet, where it can hide and relax if it needs some quiet. This trick will help your dog to feel comfortable and protected inside such a “castle”, so it will get used to the new home easier.
  • And of course, food! Ask your breeder or dog shelter what your puppy ate before, and try to maintain this diet for at least a week. Over time, you can transfer it to a new healthier diet.

Safe transportation

Choose accessories for transporting your puppy or dog according to its size.

Buy a cage, harness for seat belts or a special grille in the trunk for your new passenger.

For a puppy, it is better to buy a cage.

The first trip can be a serious test for the baby, and in the cage, it will feel safer.

For adult dogs, it is better to choose a harness for seat belts or a grille in the trunk.

The smell of a favorite toy or old bedding from the house of the previous owner will help a dog to be less nervous.

Indeed, the trip itself, new smells and unfamiliar sounds can greatly scare your pet.

If the dog starts barking or whining along the way, this is a normal reaction.

Talk to the dog in a calm voice to support it during the trip.

When your puppy is already at home

Hooray, finally the long-awaited day has come!

It must be that all your family members are happy to play with a new pet.

However, do not rush – make sure that you give your furry friend enough time to make him accustomed to a new, unfamiliar environment.

There are a few more things to do when your new pet is at home:

  • Try to give your new pet enough time to help him get used to an unfamiliar environment, and also set a new daily routine. Work from home or several days off will allow you to spend this most important time for your four-legged friend next to him, providing necessary support and care.
  • Give your dog a name. In general, the choice of a nickname is one of the funniest and pleasant moments after acquiring a new pet. As soon as you choose the name that you like the most, immediately start using it when communicating with the dog – and very soon the four-legged friend will get used to his nickname and learn to come up to you as soon as it hears its name! You can also find some more information about choosing the name for your dog here.
  • Establish specific rules of conduct for a new pet. All family members must be aware of these rules and live according to them. Otherwise, a puppy will be embarrassed by the fact that one person allows him to do things that another one forbids. A new pet can very easily acquire bad habits if it is not controlled. For example, if a puppy is once allowed to take food from the table, it will do it again and again. Besides, some rules must be established for your family members. Once established, never change your rules. So, make sure that all your family members agree to the rules and apply them accordingly.
  • In any situation, stay calm. It is not difficult to surround your new pet with care and love during the first days of its stay (especially for children and younger family members). But it is unlikely that such an excessive manifestation of feelings will be useful to your four-legged friend. Therefore, at first, try to always keep an eye on the children and give the dog rest, at least until it gets used to the new environment.
  • Take a picture of your dog as soon as it joins your family. This is very useful if the pet will get lost. Hopefully, you will never need it, but it is better to be prepared.
  • Spend as much time with your new pet as you can. If you took a vacation to look after it, try to prepare in advance for the period when you come back to work. During the first week of the puppy’s stay at your home, leave it alone for a short time, gradually increasing lengths of time. This is extremely important! You do not want to come back from work and see your furniture damaged by a panicked or bored pet.
  • Remember that the first few days your pet may be very worried or look depressed and withdrawn. Do not worry about it! Most likely, this behavior is caused by an overabundance of new emotions and experiences. Soon, it will get used to the environment and realize that it has become a new member of your family. But if after a long time the dog continues to behave strangely and unfriendly, consult with an experienced veterinarian.

Now all you have to do is just get to know your pet better.

Go for a walk, play together and train your dog as much as possible – and you will see how happy and satisfied your pet is and how quickly it grows, becoming your closest and devoted friend!

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