Before bringing a second dog at home

Second dog..why not?

Many dog owners often think about having a second pet

The reasons may be different: some owners believe that two dogs won’t let each other get bored when the owner is not at home, others want a representative of the new breed they like, and others cannot walk past a stray dog.

But not always a new pet brings joy and fun. Let’s try to figure out whether to get a second dog.

We will start with 5 reasons to bring the second dog into your family:

• You and your dog will get more communication, attention, and distractions. Everyone knows: dogs are the most faithful friends. They support us, make us smile, even if we are in a bad mood. If you have several dogs, you will be never left alone.

Besides, you cannot always be with your dog and entertain it. Two dogs can always communicate with each other, even when you are not at home. Two dogs will never be bored, which is very important to prevent behavior problems.

The dog will not feel a sense of anxiety from loneliness, which is important for some breeds. And, of course, playing with two dogs is much more fun than with one!

• By bringing the second dog at home, you will increase the degree of socialization of your first dog. The socialization of dogs, especially young puppies, is very important for the development of the emotional sphere of the animal.

Puppies need to communicate with other dogs to gain experience, confidence, and acquire communication skills with another dog, and not just with people.

Naturally, it is better to develop communication skills with a familiar dog, and not on the street. Although, communication with an unfamiliar dog is also important.

• Two dogs will guarantee your good mood and health. The dog brings positive emotions to your life but also improves your health. And two dogs will multiply this effect.

Dogs increase your activity, you walk with them, play, train them. This activity improves your health, and as a result emotional state.

Also, scientists have proven that the presence of a dog or cat at home helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Anyway, it improves your mood!

• The risk of your kids’ allergies will be considerably reduced. Dogs (and cats) at home are a huge benefit for children, educate them and teach to love and care. But, besides this, in houses where there are several pets, the risk of kids allergies is considerably reduced.

• Your kids will grow up more sociable, healthy, caring and happy. Dogs are very useful for children. They teach responsibility and love, develop the emotional sphere and generally tie the whole family together. In families where there are several children, the existence of several dogs prevents unnecessary competition for attention and love.

At the same time, each child is involved in communication with the animal. When there are several dogs, no one takes all the dog’s love and attention.

Besides, both dogs can spend enough time with all family members.

Several things you need to know before choosing your second dog:

Now you are aware of all benefits and restrictions from having two dogs at home.

But there are some rules about choosing a second dog and bringing it at home.

Following these rules, you may be sure your two dogs will become best friends forever and will bring you nothing but joy!

Purchasing a small puppy in a house where there is already an adult dog will be the best. With rare exceptions, adult dogs favor puppies.

It’s better if the dogs are heterosexual.

There are almost no conflicts in such pairs.

The only inconvenience may be the need to isolate the dogs from each other during your female dog’s estrus period.

If raising puppies is not in your plans, it is better to sterilize the female dog.

Same-sex dogs can also get along well with each other, but if your first dog is prone to dominance and does not favor strangers on the street, problems can arise.

It is better to have both dogs about the same size. A large dog may bite too hard or just crush a small one by mistake.

For a good integration of the second dog, a combination of dogs’ tempers must be considered.

Two nervous, unbalanced dogs and vice versa, two dogs with strong tempers will surely fight for a long time.

If you purchase a puppy, normally, your first dog will not offend a puppy but will show its place in the hierarchy.

But to alleviate the situation, experts advise wiping the puppy with the urine of the older dog, so that the puppy smells like a familiar smell.

Time passes and the puppy grows. All the time, the owner should be on the alert. It is necessary to monitor the situation and block the conflict at the very beginning.

If you decide to buy a second adult dog, specialists offer to introduce dogs on the neutral territory, when both dogs are fed up and in a good mood.

And then, after several meetings, you can bring a new dog at home.

From the very first steps, try to show them that they are equal and that the lead role belongs to the owner.

If the owner’s leadership is lost for some reason, then it can be returned if you start to train the dogs together at the same time (“sit”, “lie”, etc.)

When the dog is brought into the house, the first dog needs to be shown that you have not forgotten about it.

It’s like with children.

It is necessary to increase the amount of food for the first dog during the first time.

If you have a puppy that needs to eat often, then you have to feed the older dog as often, only by reducing the amount of food. They should eat together, but every dog should have its place to sleep and relax.

You have to teach the first dog how to behave, and only after that, you can bring the second dog at home.

The second dog will repeat everything after your first dog. So, investigate your first dog’s behavior and habits before taking another one.

But there are some cases when we do not recommend you to bring the second dog into your family:

• According to experts, only an experienced dog breeder can bring home two new dogs at once. For beginners, this is not possible.

• If you have a dog already, then it should be young and active to maintain the playful mood of the second dog.

If your first dog is old or has some health issues, then the appearance of another dog might be very painful for your four-legged friend. Psychological problems will occur.

• If the first dog has problems with obedience or it shows dominant aggression, then it is impossible to bring home a second dog.

Therefore, if your first dog chews everything in the house, then be sure that the second one will not stay away.

First time together

The first week together is the most important and the most difficult, the pets get used to each other, learn to coexist, establish their internal hierarchy.

An adult dog will demonstrate to the puppy the “rules of conduct”. That’s normal. Try not to interfere unnecessarily.

If you see that both dogs are too active, try to switch their attention to another activity to avoid aggression.

If they already started to fight, immediately interrupt and demonstrate to both pets that fights are prohibited in your home!

Be careful and consistent – spend enough time with both your dogs separately.

The senior pet should receive your attention no less than before. Because you don’t want your first dog to feel deprived and to be jealous of a new pet.

The puppy also needs individual training with the owner, this communication will help you to establish a connection with a second pet.

Pastime and games with two dogs at the same time are also important and necessary, but they will develop, first of all, the connection between the dogs, and not with the owner.

During the first week, it is important not to leave the dogs alone, unattended

If you have to leave, separate them for the duration of your absence in different rooms.

If this is not possible, build a separation wall for the baby.

A transparent barrier will accelerate the process rapprochement of dogs – they will see and feel each other.

Dog rapprochement usually takes about three days, up to one week.

The perfect time to bring a new pet at home is the weekend when you can spend the maximum amount of time together with your pets.

And of course, the most important thing is your love, patience, and care.

If the family has a favorable atmosphere, where everything is filled with love and joy, then you can be sure you will succeed.

Now, knowing what awaits you when buying a seco1nd dog, you can safely enter it into your home.

Two dogs… it’s twice wonderful!

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