Dog and cat together: love and peace or war and fight?

Two cuties

It is traditionally believed that dogs and cats cannot live together..Is it?

Initially, they hate each other, the most striking example is how dogs chase cats on the street or how a cat immediately strains if it sees a dog.

But in an apartment, everything can be different!

A dog and a cat living together are so common now that nobody can be surprised by this fact.

Let’s find out together what should owners of animals pay attention to, so that a dog and a cat coexisting together feel comfortable and safe.

Irreconcilable enemies in nature, they have other problems in the apartment. The main ones should be indicated:

• fighting for food

• fighting for space (rather limited in the apartment)

• fighting for the attention of the owner

• different behavior, cats love to stay alone, dogs need someone.

If you will help them to solve these problems, competition and hostility will no longer make sense, and your animals will love each other dearly!

Those who are going to have a cat and a dog in the same house should remember how jealous the pets are – almost like little siblings!

Promise yourself to spend the same amount of time with both your pets and you will prevent enmity between them.

You shouldn’t give preference to someone. Animals are very sensitive

The most important and critical moment is the moment when your second pet appears in your home.

Cats are more intolerant to dogs, so the option “first cat and second dog” is quite dangerous.

If there is a possibility of conflict, it is reasonable to separate your pets for the first time, if you cannot constantly control them.

Do not punish for aggression. Encourage for friendliness!

One more thing you should take care of is food for your pets.

Dogs are not very offended if someone eats their food. But cats react to that very painfully.

So, find some secret place for the cat’s bowl the dog cannot reach. It is impossible to explain to a dog that the cat’s food should not be touched.

If you punish your dog, you will only cause instinctive hatred for the owner of this food.

Things to keep in mind if you are going to have a dog and a cat in the same house

If you do not have any pets at home and want to get both simultaneously, then your best choice will be – a kitten and a puppy.

It is easier for them to get used to each other, and none of them will feel that someone else has taken his place in the house.

If you notice that your first pet can be aggressive sometimes, think twice before getting a new one.

If pets show aggression, jealousy, or hostility towards other pets, then you should think carefully before getting a second pet.

The only thing you can and should do is take care of your first pet and form positive behavior.

If you are not sure that you can surround both pets with your attention, care and love, then taking a second pet is not your option for a moment.

Remember that dogs and cats are very sensitive animals.

They will immediately notice a lack of attention from the owner. They need the owner’s care and love.

And if one of them feels that the owner pays more attention to the other, this can provoke hatred and aggression towards the second pet.

Think about your responsibility for two lives. Think very well.

If you are planning a vacation, will there be someone among your loved ones who agrees to look after your pets?

Cats usually require less care. You don’t have to walk with them three or four times a day. But dogs…

Think about your daily routine: if you are at work all day, who will be able to go out for a walk with the dog?

Are you ready to wake up at 6 a.m. if your dog needs a toilet?

Can you accept the fact that you will have to walk the dog in any weather conditions? Snow, rain, wind, slush, heat… and after that, you have to wash your dog’s paws or even bathe your pet?

Honestly answer all these questions before making a decision!

Study a couple of books about dogs and cats, study their reactions.

Reactions can be completely different.

For example, a dog wags its tail when it likes something, and a cat waves its tail when, on the contrary, it doesn’t like something.

If you get information about such reactions in advance, this will help you recognize your pets’ emotions, and understand how to deal with that.

Actively participate in your pets’ life.

Especially at the very beginning, when your pets are just getting used to each other.

Do not let everything go on its own.

Try to bring them closer: come up with games both pets can participate at the same time, take a cat with you for a walk with a dog, or just lie down with your pets on the sofa and watch TV.

Bringing home your second pet

The first meeting is a very important stage, you should well be prepared for it.

If something will go wrong on this very first stage, then it will be very difficult to replay the first meeting.

Your pets should be calm and fed before the first meeting.

If you are planning this fantastic meeting, you can avoid a lot of problems by observing these rules:

• Never introduce a cat and a dog nose to nose, keep distance and do not push your pets.

• Differentiate the living space for your pets, at first it is better to keep them in different rooms or at least place their beds in different corners of the room, so they cannot see each other.

• Try to calm down. Your emotions will be immediately transmitted to your pets! If you are nervous, they can start to show aggression or even fight.

• It is difficult for adult pets to get used to each other. Control their first communication, create a calming and friendly atmosphere with your voice and touches.

Never leave your pets together unattended at least during the first two days.

The dog should see the owner holding the cat, and the cat should see the owner petting the dog

If you bring the cat at home where the dog already lives, then come in holding the cat.

Pet the cat, then pet the dog.

Repeat these manipulations. Stay calm and don’t expect your pets to love each other immediately.

They need time to get used to each other, too. Wonderful if someone could help you during the first meeting to hold the dog on a leash, so the dog will be controlled.

If you bring the dog at home where the cat already lives, then you have to do the same: hold the cat and let someone bring the dog on a leash.

This position, when you hold the cat, will help pets: the cat will be “above” the dog. But why exactly the cat should be “above”?

It’s simple: if a dog sees a cat on the floor, then it perceives a cat as a threat or a thief of dog food.

There is also another important point in the psychology of your pets: the dog does not show aggression to other animals that are situated higher than they are.

And the cat is used to be the “king” and doesn’t like it when someone is taller.

If your pets are calm, you can continue to introduce them to each other

And if dog or cat shows aggression or is very excited, keep distance and wait until they both calm down.

Let the dog smell the cat, it is better to start from the back so that the cat does not show aggression and does not scratch the dog, thereby provoking aggression and a fight.

Securely lock the dog on a leash. Let the cat move freely around the room.

Limit space to one room.

If the dog focuses on the cat and tries to move towards the cat, stop it with some loud unpleasant sound.

It can take a lot of time, but we don’t want any of your pets to be injured.

When the dog is relaxed, lays down, stretches out, shows the tummy, you can release it from the leash.

If you really want to have a cat and a dog, and you are sure you can deal with that, do not believe in myths and do not deny yourself such pleasure.

Your love and patience will help your pets to make friends, and you will receive a double portion of positive energy.

Whether two different pets will be able to get along in one house depends not only on themselves, on their tempers and habits, but also on their owners – you should never forget this.

Using our recommendations, you can create a peaceful atmosphere at home, and soon your four-legged friends will coexist together in love.

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